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July 29th, 2016

makani: from obsessiveicons(lj) (calm)
Friday, July 29th, 2016 06:24 pm
Our cat Nefertari left us today.
She was only seven years old.
The Queen Herself )
We adopted her from a coworker when she was two. We got her because at the time Jemma was home by herself while I was still working and she was lonely. Nefer was just the most lovable, tolerant cat. She never clawed even when I had to give her a bath and she loved to sit in Jemma's lap.

I noticed a lump on her jaw yesterday and took her to the vet. A whirlwind day of tests and surgery later and it turned out not to be an abscessed tooth, as I had hoped, but cancer in her jaw. The vet told us that the bone had deteriorated so much in another week or so Nefer might have actually broken her jaw on her dry cat food.

There was nothing to be done except put her to sleep. It was a hard choice but I'm not sure there was anything else we could've done.

Rest in Peace, Nefertari. Your name means Beautiful Companion and you were truly that. The most wonderful, beautiful companion we could've had. Thank you for coming into our lives. We are sorry you had to leave us.