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Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 03:41 pm
So I managed to cross the NaNo finish line. My biggest problem this year was not really knowing my genre. I wanted to write Steampunk and I quickly realized that I have NO idea what Steampunk really IS.

So this novel is Steampunk of Steampunk is "Fantasy with Airships Thrown in There Oh and Pocket watches and Pirates" which I really don't think it is. What I really need to do is get some more research on my time period so that I can throw some historical stuff in there to help the setting. Then what I need to do is pretty much write in the same Universe as Four Jade Seals.

In that novel I was't so much worried about history as mimicking the feel and tone of Chinese novel. If I can do that with Bright Wisdom then I can toss in some Steampunk and Three Kingdoms and blend well and get something that I'm more happy with.

Life is erm. Life. It hasn't been all that great. Job is fine, boss is awesome. But I've been pretty exhausted with my condition and J isn't really getting better. I'm using a lot of my energy to care for her, which I couldn't, wouldn't, and will not change so that leaves me pretty unable to edit.

I'm going to give the editing a go and maybe if I get something I like I'll get it posted for all of those folks who expressed interest. I will work on this story a bit. I just need some time away from it so I can see the good bits.


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