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Monday, June 16th, 2014 08:02 pm
I cannot count the number of times I've opened up the "post a new entry" window and failed to post anything.

I could talk about Skyrim. I've played tons of that. I have so many characters and stories.
Or the randomized games of pokemon which have stories themselves. I think I've only "beaten" the game once with a random party. I really want to try again though.
Or the new game of FFV I just started.

But then I figure that no one wants to hear about that so I end up posting nothing at all.

The one thing of interest, at least to me, was a massive sort of writing binge I went on a couple of months ago. I managed to hash out a huge chunk of a story bug that bit me. It's sort of Urban Fantasy I guess with vampire hunters. It's been fun and I really want to write it out from start to finish. There's a bit of research to be done and a timeline to hash out though.

I guess another problem is actually having the energy to try and put stuff together and post it. It takes a surprising amount of thought to figure out how to phrase that funny thing that happened to me in Skyrim in a way that others would find amusing.

So....stuff. Things. Sometimes they are funny things. Hopefully I can summon the brain power to make more random babbling posts to clutter up friend's pages.


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